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Are you tired of being left out of the conversation when your Spanish-speaking friends are chatting away?

Do you listen to Latin music but you have no clue what’s being said?

You probably feel like Spanish speakers talk way too fast.  You try to keep up but you only catch a few words here and there.

And when someone speaks to you directly in Spanish you get the “deer in headlights” look...​​​​​​

(Umm, ???)

That’s when you realize your Duolingo trophies aren’t helping you have conversations with Spanish speakers in the real world.

If you’ve tried to learn Spanish before, you may have gotten bored or lost motivation.

Then life happened….you got busy with work, your social life, other goals, and family obligations.

You told yourself
you didn’t have the time and thought maybe learning Spanish was just too hard for you.

Well don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

It’s easy to understand why you would give up on learning Spanish, or not even start in the first place.

Especially if you’ve tried those ineffective programs that don’t teach you how people actually speak Spanish in day-to-day life.

If this sounds familiar, I want to share something with you that will help you go from feeling shy and embarrassed about not speaking Spanish to becoming a full-fledged member of the bilingual community.

Spanish Con Salsa teaches you Spanish using music—a proven strategy to accelerate language learning.

What do I get when I sign up?
Can you see yourself...
Traveling like a local
to the hidden gem of a beach that typical tourists will never know about, and getting great deals along the way because you speak the language
Making new friends

from the 470+ million Spanish speakers around the globe, and receiving dozens of “feliz cumpleaños” messages on your birthday

Sharing a meal at holidays, socials, and family gatherings
and deepening your relationships (yes, even if you’re Latinx and you don’t speak Spanish…shh…I won’t tell anyone). 
Dancing with passion
at a festival packed with thousands of raving salsa fans that appreciate the music as much as you do

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."
-Nelson Mandela

OK, by now you’re probably wondering who I am and how I know all this works.

My name is Tamara Marie and I'm a Certified Language Coach specializing in hacking the brain for ways to
learn languages faster and better. 

I’m also a Latin music addict (salsera/bachatera), traveler, and language lover (so far I speak English, Spanish, and some Brazilian Portuguese).

But I wasn’t born a gifted language learner.  I grew up in the US only speaking English.

I taught myself Spanish as an adult after I became obsessed with salsa music.

I realized I loved the rhythm but I didn’t know what the music was really about. 

I was driven to understand the meaning of the songs and connect with Spanish speakers, so I used the music as my motivation and my learning material.

The first time I was mistaken for a native Spanish speaker, I knew I was on to something.

I documented and tested my process with Spanish speakers at all levels from beginner to intermediate.

That is how Spanish Con Salsa was born, and now you have a chance to join us :)

In a few short months you'll begin to…

Effortlessly Understand Native Spanish Speakers
Train your ear to hear and understand spoken Spanish
Speak Spanish with Confidence
Have conversations that flow and know how to speak about a variety of topics

Perfect Your Pronunciation
Lose your gringo accent so you can be understood and sound natural speaking Spanish

10X Your Spanish Vocabulary 
Learn useful words and phrases that reflect the way native speakers actually speak

Map Out a Clear Path to Fluency
Develop a step-by-step, personalized plan for how you will achieve your Spanish learning goals with coaching support

Stay on Track
Stick with your goals and be encouraged by a community that
won’t let your motivation fizzle out
Here's What You Get When You Join Spanish Con Salsa...
Spanish Fluency Roadmap
 A video course with a step-by-step guide to develop your own personalized path to Spanish mastery with worksheets and monthly action plans to keep you focused
Membership in Private Facebook Group
Connect with other Spanish learners and get your burning questions answered by the native Spanish speakers from different countries in our community
Individual + Group Challenges
A little friendly competition and a chance to win amazing prizes to give you an extra push and keep you motivated long-term
Monthly Live Classes
Expert advice provided in online classes every month on a topic chosen by the community + Q&A
Access to a Growing Library of Spanish Courses
Learn 24x7 with self-paced online Spanish courses. 

New modules and courses are released every month to make learning manageable and give you time to master each new skill. 

Choose courses from these categories:

Music-Based Spanish Courses

Expand your Spanish vocabulary, improve your listening comprehension, and perfect your pronunciation with classic and contemporary  salsa, bachata, and other Latin music.

Conversation Mastery Courses

Audio courses that teach you Spanish the way people really speak in everyday conversations​​.

Pronunciation Mastery Courses
Ditch your gringo accent and learn to speak Spanish that flows with interactive video courses.
Grammar Mastery Courses

Master the mechanics of Spanish grammar from the past tense to the subjunctive.

Many Spanish programs cost hundreds of dollars, and they just give you cookie-cutter, boring material that doesn’t help you speak Spanish in the real world.  

Spanish Con Salsa membership is less than the cost of one session with a professional Spanish tutor.  
Spanish Con Salsa Membership

Choose the option that works best for you:

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  • Access to All Music-Based and Spanish Mastery Courses
  • ♪ Private Facebook Group
  • ♪ Spanish Fluency Roadmap
  • ♪ Language Challenges with Awesome Prizes to Keep You Motivated
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  • Access to All Music-Based and Spanish Mastery Courses
  • ♪ Private Facebook Group
  • ♪ Spanish Fluency Roadmap
  • ♪ Language Challenges with Awesome Prizes to Keep You Motivated
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  • Access to All Music-Based and Spanish Mastery Courses
  • ♪ Private Facebook Group
  • ♪ Spanish Fluency Roadmap
  • Language Challenges with Awesome Prizes to Keep You Motivated
  • ♪ 30-Minute Private Language Coaching Session
  • ♪ Spanish Con Salsa T-Shirt
If you’ve given the program a shot and it’s not working for you, just email us and we will promptly give you a refund.

Join our members already learning Spanish Con Salsa...

“I love the Spanish con Salsa program! It’s so fun to learn through music.


“I’ve tried learning Spanish several times, many ways and this by far is the easiest way.  I am more confident speaking Spanish because I’m actually retaining what I learn.


"It doesn't feel like a chore and I'm actually enjoying the time I spend studying.

The songs are great and as a complete beginner to Spanish, I've still been able to follow along with each lesson!"​​​​

​​​​​​ -LeDonna

"Spanish con Salsa is a great way to learn Spanish in a fun and non-intimidating way.

They break down each song so I can understand the lyrics, and show how I can use those words in everyday conversation. I highly recommend it!”


"Nothing is impossible. You only posses the limits that you set on yourself. If you want something bad enough, you can achieve it, and that includes learning a new language."

- Tanja Kensinger "La Alemana"

I hope you can tell that I really want you to be successful learning Spanish. 

I know you may have told yourself that it’s too hard, or it’s not really a big deal.  But if you’ve read this far, you know that learning Spanish can change your life for the better. 

You can have more meaningful relationships with friends and family members that can’t communicate with you in English.

You’ll be able to travel independently and socialize with Spanish speakers in 21 countries (not to mention your own!).  The next person you meet could be your new bff, partner, or business associate.

And do you really want to risk continuing to listen to music and you don’t know what it means, or even if it’s offensive or vulgar?!

And if you need a health reason, you should know bilingualism is good for your brain—it improves executive function and delays age at onset of dementia.

 So stop waiting for the perfect time...there's never a "right" time...the "right" time is when you decide to take action.


Still on the fence?

Let me ask you this.

If Spanish Con Salsa just helps you with one thing.

If Spanish Con Salsa JUST helps you get clear on your Spanish goals and map out a achievable path to Spanish fluency…

If Spanish Con Salsa JUST helps you get comfortable having a basic conversation in Spanish without getting tongue-tied...

If Spanish Con Salsa JUST helps you understand the lyrics to your favorite salsa song so you can truly appreciate it on a new level...

...wouldn't that be worth it?

 That said there's really no huge risk involved.

You can either invest in yourself today and finally conquer Spanish (remember, you can cancel at anytime)…or you can do nothing & you'll be just where you are now.

So if what you're doing now is working, ¡buenísimo!

But if it's not, why not give this a try?

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