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Learn Spanish words and expressions that are NOT in your dictionary with our country-specific language guides.  Plan for fluency with our bilingual planner for language learners.

  • Enjoy Learning Latin American Spanish with Music

    Easily learn new vocabulary to the rhythm of music

    • Naturally learn the most frequently used Spanish words without studying word lists

    • Learn phrases you can use in daily conversation and practical uses of grammar

    • Gain important cultural insights that help you understand native speakers

  • Learn to Speak Spanish Easily, Wherever You Are

    • Our programs are offered online so you can participate from anywhere at any time

    • Our innovative, culturally immersive approach takes the boredom out of language learning

    • We offer a unique and fun way to learn Spanish without burying your nose in a textbook

  • Gain Confidence Speaking to Native Speakers

    • Practice your new vocabulary in online conversation practice sessions

    Get comfortable speaking Spanish with our friendly team of language coaches

    • Focus on improving your proficiency in targeted areas


Listen to the Learn Spanish con Salsa Podcast

The Learn Spanish con Salsa podcast is for aspiring bilinguals that ❤️ Latin music, culture, & travel and want to be confident and comfortable communicating with real people in Spanish.

Let us help you go from beginner to bilingual with expert interviews and culturally-relevant Spanish lessons every week.

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"I have had such a great experience with Spanish con Salsa. One of the biggest things I've overcome is being comfortable speaking to native speakers."

Sunny D.
Sunny D. Spanish Fluency Club Member

"What I appreciate about the group is that it's inviting and empowering. I have grown in my confidence in speaking Spanish."

Cory H.
Cory H. Spanish Fluency Club Member

"Spanish con Salsa is the total package.  There are lessons on pronunciation, grammar, group classes, lessons about the culture. I like that you find yourself studying even when you don't want to study. You find yourself repeating the lyrics and because of that it makes it fun."

Beverly D.
Beverly D. Spanish Fluency Club Member

"I love learning Spanish through music. It has been a really fun way for me to learn the language."

Ryan C.
Ryan C. Spanish Fluency Club Member