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Frustrated with your slow progress to Spanish fluency?

Join us and become a confident Spanish speaker

We'll help you progress to the next level of conversational fluency in just 90 days

Conversational fluency is easy to achieve when you're having fun

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you want to be fluent in Spanish

In fact, you've probably been trying to learn Spanish.

You've grown a decent sized tree on Duolingo, downloaded all the Spanish apps you could find, and watched countless YouTube videos.

You want to believe you can do it, but sometimes it feels like you'll never reach the coveted title of bilingual, fluent Spanish speaker.

To make things worse, you keep losing focus and getting off track.

And you have a million and one questions like...

Should I learn the 1,000 most frequently used words in Spanish?

How am I ever going to remember ALL of those verb tenses? 

And what's up with the subjunctive?

Sometimes you get overwhelmed and discouraged, but you still have a real desire to speak Spanish fluently.

When you hear Spanish speakers talking, you eavesdrop, secretly hoping you understand what they're saying.

Then, this happens...

You hear the words ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te va?

Someone actually spoke to you in Spanish!

This was your chance to practice all you'd been learning, but instead...

This is you  👇🏾

You try to hide your confused, deer in headlights look...

But the best you can come up with is...

*awkward pause*


Or maybe you were able to say something clever like...

"Hablo un poquito de español" (I speak a little bit of Spanish)

But after that, you quickly get lost and can't follow the conversation.

At that very moment, you realize your high school Spanish skills and all the virtual trophies you've accumulated on those mobile apps aren’t really helping you speak Spanish.

Your dream of speaking Spanish fluently feels miles away.

But it's a lot closer than you think.

You just have to find the right approach for YOU.

Most people think they have to abandon their home and go live abroad in a Spanish-speaking country or have some special talent to become fluent in Spanish.

But that's simply not true.

The real reason you're not where you want to be is because learning Spanish with irrelevant "classroom" material is just plain ABURRIDO (BORING)

And 100% ineffective.

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel.

I remember standing in line at the airport in Panama City feeling helpless when I didn't understand even the word "siguiente" (in case you didn't know, that means "next")

And that was AFTER I had taken Spanish courses in school.

I want to help you go from feeling left out of the conversation to being a confident, fluent Spanish speaker.

Think about it...

When you can speak español, you'll be able to:


Make new friends and deepen relationships

Connect with the 470+ million Spanish speakers around the globe.  Feel confident speaking Spanish at parties with friends, family gatherings, concerts, and cultural festivals.

Travel like a local

Explore Spanish-speaking countries in a new way.  You'll be able to travel throughout Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean.  Connect with the locals, meet new people, and discover new cultures in a way you never have before.

Get better career opportunities

Bilingual professionals can demand higher salaries in the job market and work in a diverse range of industries

You can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

But if you do what you've always done, you'll get the same results you've always gotten.

You just have to be ready and willing to try a new approach.

¿Listo? (Ready?)

If you want to be fluent in Spanish and want a fun and effective way to get there, I invite you to join the Spanish Con Salsa Fluency Club!

We're a group of current and aspiring bilinguals who are passionate about learning Spanish, embrace Latino culture, and absolutely love Latin music.

Does this sound like you?

If so, come join the party 🙂

This is hands-down the most fun and efficient way to go from beginner to bilingual

How it works...

  • Step 1: Learn Interactively

    Learn Spanish in short interactive video lessons that teach you useful vocabulary, conversational phrases, proper pronunciation and grammar, plus important cultural notes. You won’t find this in a textbook!

  • Step 2: Listen Actively

    Enjoy listening to a song to train your ear + hear the vocabulary you just learned used in context.  Add it to your playlist for repetition and enhanced memory retention.

  • Step 3: Repeat & Review

    Review new vocabulary with short quizzes, flash cards with audio, examples in context, and interactive activities (you’ll be amazed how much you’ve retained and understand!)

  • Step 4: Conversation Practice

    Immediately use what you’ve learned by practicing your new vocabulary in conversation sessions with our friendly team of coaches and native Spanish speakers.

  • Step 5: Check-In

    Check-in weekly with your language coach to keep your momentum going.  We will help you get unstuck and help you reach your fluency goal.

 I’ve tried learning Spanish several times, many ways and this by far is the easiest way. I am more confident speaking Spanish because I’m actually retaining what I learn.

Nikole A.

What you get when you join...

Community and Coaching Support

We help you stay on track with your goals with weekly coaching check-ins and the opportunity to connect with an accountability partner to help you stay motivated.  We also have a private Facebook group just for members to interact and share wins each week.

Weekly Group Conversation Practice Sessions

Every week you'll have an opportunity to practice your Spanish in a friendly, non-judgmental environment with a native speaker.  Join your fellow Spanish learners and a coach to facilitate the conversation and help you sound more natural speaking Spanish.

Live Members Classes with Q&A

Attend live classes on a new topic each month and get your burning questions answered.  You'll also have access to over 30 hours of recordings of our previous members classes where we've talked about everything from how to use por vs. para to the subjunctive mood.

PLUS Instant Access to Our Growing Library of Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish with Music Course

Enjoy learning Spanish with contemporary and classic Latin music. Expand your Spanish vocabulary, improve your listening skills, and practice your pronunciation.

Learn Spanish with 30+ beginner and intermediate level courses. You'll naturally learn grammar and the most frequently used Spanish vocabulary through song lyrics and get cultural insights you won't find in textbooks.


Spanish Pronunciation Mastery Course

Ditch your gringo accent and learn to speak more like a native Spanish speaker.  This course will teach you to correct your pronunciation mistakes in 16 detailed video lessons that explain Spanish pronunciation.

There are pronunciation drills in every module that you can send to the instructor for personalized feedback. While the course focuses on Latin American Spanish, regional differences in Spanish pronunciation will also be explained.


Spanish Conversation Mastery Course

Naturally learn how to discuss a wide range of topics by listening to conversations between native Spanish speakers.

These audio courses teach you Spanish the way people really speak in everyday life in 17 lessons.  You'll also get cheat sheets and sample scripts to prepare you for real-world conversations.

Spanish Grammar Mastery Course

Do you struggle with conjugating verbs in your head? These courses will help you master the mechanics of Spanish grammar from the past tense to the subjunctive.

Each lesson goes more in-depth on grammar explanations with even more examples, quizzes, practice exercises, and (of course) music!

Roadmap to Spanish Fluency

Get focused and map out your personalized path to Spanish fluency. 

This video course will walk you through a 6-step process to develop a practical plan to become fluent in Spanish.

Each step includes worksheets and monthly action plans to keep you focused and hold you accountable.


Get these bonuses when you sign up for annual membership...

Package of 12 Private Spanish Lessons

Improve your ability to communicate in Spanish in one-on-one lessons with a native speaker. Our team of Spanish coaches will give you feedback and encouragement as you refine your conversation skills.

This is your opportunity to review course material, ask questions, and get feedback on your progress.

Weekly Language Learning Planner (Hard Copy)

Get on track with your language learning and focus on the actions that matter

  • Spiral-bound planner with color-coded categories for language learning (full-color printing on white paper)
  • 52 weeks of detailed goal and activity tracking
  • Suggested activities provided for 4 key areas of focus: vocabulary, conversation, listening, and grammar
  • Bilingual planner with English & Spanish glossary of key terms for reference
  • Vocabulary section to write new words and phrases you learn

👋🏾 ¡Hola! I'm Tamara Marie

I host the Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast, and I'm a Certified Language Coach specializing in brain-friendly ways to help you learn foreign languages faster.

Speaking Spanish has allowed me to travel independently and make connections all over Latin America and the Caribbean.  So far, I've been to Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico.

And I'm not done exploring yet.

Wandering the streets of Cartegena, Colombia


But I wasn't always bilingual.  I grew up in the US, and I spoke only English for most of my life.

I learned Spanish as an adult after I became addicted to salsa music.  I realized I loved the rhythm but I didn’t know what the music was really about.

I was driven to understand the meaning of the songs and connect with Latino culture, so I used the music as my motivation and my learning material.

I'll never forget the first time someone asked me if I was a native Spanish speaker.

Pero (but)...

Not that long ago, I was just like you.  Scouring the internet for the best way to learn Spanish.

I'm pretty sure I downloaded almost every app there was for learning Spanish, and checked out every book in the library on the topic.

And I made many mistakes along the way.  I wasted a lot of time and learned some valuable (sometimes painful) lessons.

I want to share what I've learned to save you some time and help you get fluent faster.

I help my clients get their heads out of textbooks and get comfortable speaking Spanish in the real world.

Learn with us and get results...

Brittany has consistently studied Spanish for 549 days (and counting!).  After joining, she was able to have a 30-minute conversation with a native Spanish speaker from the Dominican Republic.

Ryan went from just learning Spanish on apps to being comfortable chatting with native speakers

Marie's Spanish presentation after she had been a member for just 3 months

Scott went from not being able to hold a conversation during is vacation to Cuba to being able to start thinking in Spanish

Choose the Option that Works Best for You...

Try it out risk-free, full refund within 30 days
30 Beginner and Intermediate music-based Spanish lessons
Weekly conversation practice
Unlimited coaching support via e-mail
Roadmap to Spanish Fluency
Private Facebook Group
Conversation Mastery Course
Pronunciation Mastery Course
Grammar Mastery Course
Monthly live training (+ archives)
Members challenges
Access to discounted private Spanish lessons and coaching
Bilingual Language Study Planner (Hard Copy)
Package of 12 One-on-One Spanish Lessons
2 Months Free!

Spanish Con Salsa Fluency Club Monthly Plan

$49/month $39/month
Get immediate access with the flexible monthly plan

One-time $67 $57 enrollment fee

  • 30 Beginner and Intermediate music-based Spanish lessons$197 value
  • Weekly conversation practice $120 value
  • Unlimited coaching support via e-mail$300 value
  • Roadmap to Spanish Fluency $67 value
  • Private Facebook Group Priceless!
  • Conversation Mastery Course $147 value
  • Pronunciation Mastery Course$97 value
  • Grammar Mastery Course $197 value
  • Monthly live training (+ archives) $497 value
  • Members challenges$100 - $500 prize value
  • Access to discounted private Spanish lessons and coachingUp to 50% off normal rates
  • Bilingual Language Study Planner (Hard Copy)$29 value
  • Package of 12 One-on-One Spanish Lessons $300 value
  • 2 Months Free! $102 value

You might be thinking, "Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll keep trying to learn by myself for a while and then I'll come back to this later."

But think about this for a minute..

Do you really have more time to waste, randomly searching the internet for language learning tips and trying to piece together your own program?

And how do you know if all of those conflicting opinions on the best way to learn a language will even work for YOU?

This scattered approach will take you ten times as long.

What if we saved you just a few days of frustration and searching every month? Isn't that worth $49?

Plus, we're not only offering the chance to join with a flexible monthly plan, we're also giving you $10 a month off the regular price  (just $39/month).

If you wait, you'll have to pay the regular monthly price of $49.

And when you think of it:

If you're not willing to invest $39 a month to reaching your goals, is speaking Spanish fluently really a goal you want to achieve?

Most people spend more than that for a manicure and pedicure.  And if get your nails done you probably keep them up by going more than once a month.

You justify the cost by saying you're treating yourself. And getting a pedicure just feels good (waaay better than you painting your own crusty toe nails...ijs).

But think about this...

How good will you feel when you're able to speak Spanish with confidence?

Trust me, it feels waaay better than a mani pedi and lasts A LOT longer.

This is a skill you'll have for life if you just commit 90 days to following a proven approach.

And until August 18, 2020, you get to join at the lowest rate possible.

My private coaching clients pay a minimum of $250/month.

And if you go the university route you'll spend years and thousands of dollars (and still only learn formal Spanish that won't help much when you're invited to hang out with your Colombian friend after class)

Honestly, we're not here to help you pass an exam.

We want you to learn authentic Spanish so you can communicate with real people in your community and when you travel.

You may not get a little hat with a tassel when you're done, but you'll be able to have real conversations with native Spanish speakers like Brittany did on her trip to Puerto Rico...

Brittany in Puerto Rico

Spanish con Salsa is a great way to learn Spanish in a fun and non-intimidating way. They break down each song so I can understand the lyrics, and show how I can use those words in everyday conversation. I highly recommend it!.

Kristen O.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take a full 30 days to try out all the perks of Spanish Con Salsa Membership.  If it’s not for you, just email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Remember, you can also cancel or take a break from your membership at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm a complete beginner, will this work for me? +

Absolutely! We start with the absolute beginner level and will take you through to the intermediate level and beyond.  We help you get started even if you have no Spanish vocabulary beyond "hola," and provide a weekly learning plan so you'll know exactly what to focus on to make rapid progress.

With a basic knowledge foundation and the structure and support we provide, you will be able to understand and learn Spanish in every course.

Can I really learn Spanish just with music? +

You can learn a great deal of Spanish from music when you have the structure and support we provide.   We're not just giving you song lyrics, we're giving you a carefully curated playlist with not just lyrics, but vocabulary drills, short interactive lessons, and plenty of opportunities to practice speaking Spanish.

No matter what program you use to learn Spanish, the only way to achieve true fluency is with regular practice. We will give you all the tools but you have to actively engage with the Spanish Con Salsa community use the language in your day-to-day life. The Spanish Fluency Roadmap Course (free with your membership) will walk you through how to do this effectively.

If you choose the self-study option, we will direct you to cost-effective resources to practice speaking Spanish.

I struggle with time management. How much time will this take? +

Our learning plans are designed for you to advance to the next level within 90 days when you spend just 3 days per week learning Spanish for 15 minutes per day.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish each week for 30 - 45 minutes.  We highly recommend taking advantage of these sessions so you can practice speaking Spanish in a friendly, non-threatening environment and make progress faster.

I'm not sure if I need EVERYTHING in the membership and if I can dedicate enough time to this. What are my options? +

All of our lessons are designed to be completed in short learning sessions of just 15 minutes a day.  We recommend spending at least 3 - 4 days per week learning Spanish, plus conversation practice at least once per week.

That said, there's no such thing as falling behind.  The courses are designed for you to learn at your own pace, and make progress as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

Also, we understand that life happens.  If you need to pause your membership because of an extended vacation, illness, or just because you need a break, just email us and we'll take care of it.  No need to fear you'll be a member and not using it.

And even if you don't use EVERYTHING we provide, wouldn't it be worth it to join if you could just improve your conversation skills?

Or if you could JUST understand native Spanish speakers better?

Or if you JUST learn the 1,000 most frequently used Spanish words and are actually able to use them?

Or if you JUST had a reliable, consistent community and coaches to go to for support instead of randomly googling "how to say X in Spanish"?

Or if you JUST had weekly conversation practice so you could speak Spanish regularly in a supportive, friendly environment?

The point is, don't feel pressured to use everything in the membership every day.  We provide a full support structure so you can continue to make consistent progress towards Spanish fluency.

If you prefer self-study, you can always choose the stand-alone course option.

Help! My question isn't covered here and I'm on the fence. +

No worries! Reach out to us directly at and we'll be sure to get you an answer as soon as we can.

What's in the Learn Spanish with Music Course? +

Spanish Con Salsa's Learn Spanish with Music Course teaches you Spanish using real Latin music, not snooze-worthy, unnatural audio or made-for-classroom content. The course is broken down into 30 beginner and intermediate lessons. The music not only is great fun to listen to, we tease out the key words and phrases you can use in daily conversations.

Each lesson has the following:

  • Short lesson on a Spanish concept (5 - 8 minutes long)
  • Accurate lyrics for one song broken down by verse (vetted by translators and native Spanish speakers)
  • Slow audio for fast-paced song to help train your ear
  • Flash cards with audio for key words and phrases
  • Quizzes and interactive activities
  • Explanations and cultural notes for song lyrics
  • Spanish You Can Use with example phrases used in context
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