Finally Understand Native Spanish Speakers...No Matter How Fast They Speak

♪ Tune Your Ear to the Sounds of Spanish with Music ♪

Improve your Spanish listening comprehension with interactive music-based lessons

This is the only Spanish course that uses authentic Latin music instead of boring, robotic content that never sounds the way people really speak in daily life (en la calle)

In just a few weeks of consistent practice, you'll notice a rapid improvement in your Spanish listening skills

And with lifetime access, you can go at your own pace.  Plus, you'll automatically get access to all future updates to the course.

The course is broken down into 30+ beginner and intermediate lessons, designed to be completed in 10-minute active listening sessions plus review activities.

Tune your ear to hear and understand fast-paced spoken Spanish just by listening to music

  • You only need 10 minutes

    You don’t need to spend hours zoning out to boring news broadcasts or stuffy, robotic content. You’ll enjoy short interactive lessons with the best contemporary and classic Latin music.

    In just 10 minutes a day, after a few short weeks you’ll be singing along and smiling because you finally understand the words to your favorite songs.

  • Learn Spanish the way people *really* speak

    In this course we’ll give you everyday Spanish the way it’s spoken by native Spanish speakers today, not the overly formal and outdated material provided in traditional courses.

    You’ll naturally learn the most frequently used Spanish words and we’ll make sure you understand how to use them with the practical examples we provide.

  • Ditch the textbooks...your playlist is your curriculum

    Forget boring apps and textbooks, and let the Spanish language come alive in your ears as you learn to effortlessly understand native Spanish speakers with authentic Latin music.

    Spanish Con Salsa’s Learn Spanish with Music Course teaches you Spanish using real Latin music, not snooze-worthy, unnatural audio or made-for-classroom content.

  • Immerse yourself in Latino culture without even getting on a plane

    Music provides a unique cultural immersion experience in the Spanish language and Latino culture. Each lesson gives you detailed explanations of cultural and idiomatic expressions from song lyrics with examples of how the language is used in the real world.

    You’ll get detailed explanations of the cultural context critical for really understanding what you hear. These are insights you won’t find in dictionaries or travel phrase books.

  • Make real progress with a structured process

    Easily track your progress with sequential lessons and frequent mini quizzes to verify that you’re really improving. You can move quickly and complete 1 – 2 lessons per week, or take your time with each lesson and go at your own pace (remember, you have lifetime access so no rush!).

When you finally overcome this roadblock to fluency, you'll be able to...

Travel with confidence

Travel throughout Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world and be able to *really* connect with the locals. Explore new places, meet new people, and discover new cultures in a way you never have before.

Make new friends and deepen relationships

Connect with the 470+ million Spanish speakers around the globe.  Feel confident speaking Spanish at parties with friends, concerts, and cultural festivals.

How it works...

  • Step 1: Learn

    Learn the foundations of Spanish in short video lessons that review key concepts and important cultural insights you won’t find in a textbook

  • Step 2: Listen

    Enjoy listening to a song to improve your Spanish listening comprehension and hear the vocabulary you just learned used in context.  Add it to your playlist for repetition and enhanced memory retention.

  • Step 3: Review

    Learn new vocabulary with audio flash cards and examples used in context. This will make sure you understand the correct meaning of the words and you’ll know exactly how to use it.

  • Step 4: Practice

    Immediately use what you’ve learned with interactive activities and short quizzes.  Then, listen to the song again…you’ll be amazed how much you’ve retained and understand!

 I’ve tried learning Spanish several times, many ways and this by far is the easiest way. I am more confident speaking Spanish because I’m actually retaining what I learn.

Nikole A.

Each lesson includes the following:

  • Short video lesson on a key concept to give you the foundations of Spanish and shortcuts to master the language faster
  • A featured song with accurate lyrics in Spanish with the English translation, developed by our team of professional translators and native Spanish speakers
  • Flash cards with audio for key words and phrases plus detailed explanations of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions from song lyrics with examples of how to use your new vocabulary in the real world
  • Slow audio for fast-paced songs to make sure you hear every word and train your ear to understand spoken Spanish
  • Quizzes and interactive activities to make sure new vocabulary sticks to your memory

Spanish con Salsa is a great way to learn Spanish in a fun and non-intimidating way. They break down each song so I can understand the lyrics, and show how I can use those words in everyday conversation. I highly recommend it!.

Kristen O.

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A Method That Gets Results

Brittany started a 549-day (and counting!) learning streak and went from just saying "hola" to having conversations with her coworkers and friends from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Kayla went from responding to Spanish speakers in English to traveling solo and having conversations in Spanish with strangers on the airplane.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's in the Learn Spanish with Music Course? +

Spanish Con Salsa's Learn Spanish with Music Course teaches you Spanish using real Latin music, not snooze-worthy, unnatural audio or made-for-classroom content. The course is broken down into 30 beginner and intermediate lessons. The music not only is great fun to listen to, we tease out the key words and phrases you can use in daily conversations.

Each lesson has the following:

  • Short lesson on a Spanish concept (5 - 8 minutes long)
  • Accurate lyrics for one song broken down by verse (vetted by translators and native Spanish speakers)
  • Slow audio for fast-paced song to help train your ear
  • Flash cards with audio for key words and phrases
  • Quizzes and interactive activities
  • Explanations and cultural notes for song lyrics
  • Spanish You Can Use with example phrases used in context
I'm a complete beginner, will this work for me? +

Absolutely! We start with the absolute beginner level and will take you through to the intermediate level and beyond.  We help you get started even if you have no Spanish vocabulary beyond "hola," and provide a weekly learning plan so you'll know exactly what to focus on to make rapid progress.

With a basic knowledge foundation and the structure and support we provide, you will be able to understand and learn Spanish in every course.

Can I really learn Spanish just with music? +

You can learn a great deal of Spanish from music when you have the structure and support we provide.   We're not just giving you song lyrics, we're giving you a carefully curated playlist with not just lyrics, but vocabulary drills, and short interactive lessons.

No matter what program you use to learn Spanish, the only way to achieve true fluency is with regular practice. We will also direct you to free and cost-effective resources to practice speaking Spanish.

I struggle with time management. How much time will this take? +

Each lesson is broken down into smaller sections that you can complete in 10 minute sessions.  We recommend a minimum of 3 days per week to make progress and improve your listening skills.

Do I get to pick the songs? +

Great question!  We've already curated a list of songs and crafted lessons around them.  Each lesson contains the lyrics, translation, and explanations for one song.

But, we do take regular requests from the community.  So if you have a song you're dying to learn, here are your options:

  1. Send your request to our team and we'll add it to the queue for a future lesson (we add new content to the membership site regularly)
  2. Request for us to translate the song for you and we'll add it to our community playlist.  This will give you the lyrics, translation, and explanations.
  3. Schedule a session with one of our coaches to review the song lyrics in a private lesson
Help! My question isn't covered here and I'm on the fence. +

No worries! Reach out to us directly at and we'll be sure to get you an answer as soon as we can.

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