Listening Challenge Day 2

Spanish Con Salsa

Listening Challenge Day 2

Today, you’ll review vocabulary for the audio clip you listened to yesterday (Didn’t complete day 1 yet? Go back and do that now)

First, review the vocabulary words with the flash cards below. Make sure your audio is turned on so you can hear the pronunciation of the words.

Review Vocabulary


Negreros refers to the slave traders to bought and sold Black African slaves. It comes from the word “negro” which means “black,” so it it literally a person that sells/trades Black people.

In the phrase “cuando el tirano mandó” the word mandóis the preterite past tense of the verb mandar which literally means “to send,” “to command,” or “to order.” In this case, however, the meaning would be “command” as it is referring to whom was leading or “commanding” the country during that time.

The phrase esclavitud perpetua which means “perpetual slavery” refers to the history of more than 20 million black Africans who were violently uprooted by European slavers, with the leadership of Spain, during the sixteenth century and beyond.

It’s called perpetual because it was never-ending—there was no way to get out of slavery for Black Africans. If you were born to a slave parent, you were automatically a slave. This is different than the practice of slavery or taking prisoners of war practiced prior to this time. In those cases, you could work off your debt, or even pay to get out of indentured servitude.

Vocabulary Quiz

Next, quiz yourself on the vocabulary to see how many words you remember.

After you’ve reviewed the vocabulary, go to the Facebook group and comment “Lo hice” (I did it) in the Day 2 task post.