Listening Challenge Day 3

Spanish Con Salsa

Listening Challenge Day 3

Today, you’ll listen to the audio clip again while you read along with the transcript. (Didn’t complete day 2 yet? Go back and do that now)

Listen with Transcript

Listen at least 3 times…

First, listen and read along with the Spanish words to sync up what you’re hearing with the words as they’re being spoken.

Next, listen and read the translation so you can understand what’s being said.

Finally, listen again while reading the Spanish and pay attention to areas where you’re still struggling to hear what you’re reading. If you need to, listen to the slow version of the song to make sure you catch everything:

After you’ve listened to the audio clip at least 3 times, go to the Facebook group and comment “Lo hice” (I did it) in the Day 3 task post.