• Jacqueline Sadberry

    April 14, 2021 at 12:13 am

    My overall goal is to get to intermediate level and learn some professional Spanish. Here are some things that I think will help:

    I have avoided the subjunctive for awhile, but I’m starting to notice I am not confident when I need to use it. So I have a Spanish book that covers the subjunctive and I think I can familiarize myself with the present and past subjunctive in 90 days.

    I don’t read enough. Other than reading my Bible in Spanish, I barely read anything outside of that. There is a comic I like that was translated to Spanish (and I keep saying I’ll start it… and I never do.) I want to read at least 30 chapters (it’s a very long series.)

    Finally I want to learn some common phrases I can use for speaking professionally in Spanish. I think 10 or so is reasonable.

    My deadline is July 31st.