• Kate Waters

    April 15, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    Main goal is to improve listening.1)

    1) I plan to go back an review my Mango App. and complete at least 2 sections of a unit at least 3x a week in the morning before I start work. ( I get up early and am working from home, so I can do this). I can also do this in the evenings, when I am winding down.

    2) I plan to, listen to one of my favorite artists ex: Marc Anthony, Alejandro Fernández, Mana and try to write down all the lyrics to a song. Devote at least 20 mins. to this in the beginning. at least 2x a week.

    3) Listen to my favorite podcast ( I usually enjoy this in the evenings) at least 2x week.

    4) Converse with my tutor (every 2 weeks for an hour)

    5) WhatsApp with my conversation partner ( when time allows).