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This mini-course walks you step-by-step through your personalized plan for casual Spanish conversations with virtually anyone.

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Tired of fumbling through basic introductions and greetings, or saying "sí" over and over again like a bobblehead?

The Spanish Conversation Booster gives you all the tools you need to nail your conversation the first time and sound natural speaking Spanish.

  • 9 Spanish Conversation Boosters - Audio and transcripts of the most frequently asked questions and responses so you can hear the correct pronunciation. Listen and repeat after each phrase to perfect your accent and model it after the native speaker.
  • Conversation Cheat Sheet - Easy fill-in-the-blank script so you can develop your personalized responses in minutes
  • Personalized Feedback - Send a recording of you reading your script aloud for feedback on how to improve your pronunciation
  • Bulletproof Guide to Your First Spanish Conversation - PDF download of the most common conversation questions with realistic responses
  • $10 Credit for Private Spanish Tutor - Get a free or discounted private Skype session to practice conversation with a native Spanish speaker
  • BONUS 1: iTalki Video Tutorials to help you find the perfect language partner or tutor
  • BONUS 2: Complete Conversation Flashcard Set (PDF Download) ready to print so you can study new Spanish vocabulary

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