Gain the Confidence to Have Effortless Conversations in Spanish in Just 60 Days

Stop feeling self-conscious and get comfortable having conversations with native speakers

If you’re tired of feeling left out when your Spanish-speaking friends are chatting away…

If you can understand slow speech but still feel lost when native Spanish speakers talk at normal, conversational speed (or what you call, “too fast”)…

If Duolingo has declared you 67% fluent, but you still cannot comfortably have a conversation in Spanish…  

You’re in the right place.  

The reason you are struggling to have a conversation that flows the way you would like is that you’ve been learning Spanish and not speaking Spanish.

Learning in an academic setting or with a mobile app may leave you unable to express yourself or handle even the most basic conversation in Spanish.

The only way to truly become a master Spanish conversationalist is to get familiar with how people speak in the real world.

And to do that, you need to put the textbooks down, step away from your cell phone, and start talking.

But how will you know what to say?

The Spanish Conversation Mastery Course will give you the essential phrases, vocabulary, and practice you need to build your confidence speaking Spanish.


My name is Tamara Marie and I'm a Certified Language Coach trained to help you master languages with brain-friendly methods.

I'm obsessed with rapid, efficient learning and love helping people get comfortable speaking new languages.

I want to help you shed your fear of speaking Spanish and connect with more people through comfortable conversations.

  • Immediate Access to Video & Audio Course

    Progress from basic interactions to more in-depth conversations in 17 audio lessons covering a diverse range of conversation topics so you will be ready for almost any situation.

  • Dialogues with Real Spanish Speakers

    Listen to conversations between native Spanish speakers and naturally learn how to discuss a wide range of topics. Dialogues include slow speed audio + full transcripts as “training wheels” so you can learn to understand everything being said.

  • Conversation Cheat Sheets

    Easy fill-in-the-blank scripts so you can develop your personalized conversation talking points in minutes.

  • Fluency Boosting Phrases

    Learn useful phrases that will make your Spanish conversations flow better. When you apply these small tweaks, you will sound more like a native Spanish speaker and less like a textbook parrot.

  • Speaking Drills

    Each lesson includes key phrases, vocabulary, and audio tracks that give you the opportunity to listen and repeat after native Spanish speakers so you can improve your pronunciation.

You'll master the following conversation topics:

Module 1: Greetings, Introductions, and Breaking the Ice

In this module, you learn the building blocks of all conversations. When you complete this module you’ll be prepared to meet new people and have a basic social interaction in Spanish.

Module 2: Small Talk and Basic Conversation

After you are comfortable with basic greetings and introduction, you'll have to have something to talk about. In this module, you'll learn how to begin developing connections and learning about others. We fully prepare you to have conversations with acquaintances and new friends. 

Module 3: Talking About Yourself

Module 3 is all about you! Learn how to express yourself and explain your thoughts, opinions, preferences, and daily activities to other people. When you complete this module, you’ll be prepared to have routine conversations with friends and family.

Module 4: Out and About

This module covers scenarios that you will likely encounter when you’re on outings with friends or traveling. When you finish this module, you will be able to confidently participate in casual conversations with Spanish-speaking friends.

You'll also get these amazing bonuses to get you speaking Spanish right away...

101 Spanish Conversation Sparkers

This extensive list of interesting, engaging conversation topics and thought-provoking questions will guarantee you’ll never get bored or run out of things to talk about (provided in  Spanish eBook with English translation for each question)

Guide to Successful Language Exchanges

Steal my secrets to finding Spanish conversation partners for free, plus best practices for conducting effective languages in this eBook.  Learn how to set-up a language exchange that will improve your conversation skills instead of wasting your time.

The Simple Spanish Phrasebook

A phrase book with 115 conversational phrases help you sound more like a native Spanish speaker.  Learn how to use these commonly used phrases with examples provided in context, plus access to audio.

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Our Guarantee...

No hard feelings money back guarantee. If you’re not speaking Spanish in 60 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

If you’ve tried the course out and it’s not working for you, just email us and we will promptly give you a refund. All we ask is that you at least attempt to complete one of the modules before you contact us (no need to send worksheets, we can track your progress on the course site).

Once you enroll, you’ll create a username and password to access the course site and all modules. You will have lifetime access so you can study at your own pace.