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July 2021 Spanish Grammar Bootcamp

Master the Past Tense in 30 Days

Let us help you learn the smart way to improve your Spanish grammar

Are you only able to speak Spanish in the present tense?

Do you struggle to remember the correct verb conjugation and freeze up in conversations?

In this 30-day bootcamp, you will laser focus on the Spanish past tense and learn how to use it correctly --

❌ without memorizing huge grammar conjugation charts

❌ or looking up every word in a book of Spanish verbs

In Just 30 Days, You Will...

  • Be prepared to use the Spanish past tense in real conversations
  • Stop wasting time trying to learn EVERY verb conjugation on a massive verb chart
  • Learn a repeatable process you can use with every Spanish verb tense

What Do You Get in the Bootcamp?

  • Immediate access to short grammar lessons that simplify and teach you how to use the past tense correctly (with examples)
  • Weekly communication exercises you can complete in less than 15 minutes a day
  • Review and feedback by Certified Spanish Teachers to help you correct embarrassing mistakes once and for all

Spanish grammar is difficult for many Spanish learners to master (you're not the only one!)

Even native Spanish speakers can struggle with navigating the complex grammar rules prescribed by the R.A.E. (Real Academia Española).

The truth is, Spanish actually does have multiple verb forms and moods when speaking about the past.

This makes it intimidating for English speakers who want to learn Spanish and speak it proficiently.

But the great thing is, you absolutely CAN get your Spanish grammar in order with a targeted approach the focuses on learning verb conjugation patterns in a specific order that makes it easier to learn, retain, and recall the *right* word when you need to (like when you're in a conversation and trying to explain what you had for breakfast!)

Want to find out how?  Join our Spanish Grammar Bootcamp and by August you'll be confidently telling friends stories about what you did over the summer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this work for beginners? +

Absolutely! Every Spanish learner needs to learn grammar -- and as long as you learn the most common Spanish verbs first (which we cover in week 1 of the challenge) you'll be fine!