Spanish Pronunciation Mastery Course

Ditch your gringo accent and learn to speak Spanish like a native speaker

One of the top reasons Spanish learners FAIL to reach fluency is not knowing how to properly pronounce Spanish sounds.

It seems deceptively simple...

The alphabet is *almost* the same as the English alphabet, except for that ñ letter, right?

Well, not exactly.

The problem is many Spanish learners assume letters are pronounced the same as their native language, and apply those pronunciation rules to Spanish.

This is a huge mistake, and is what creates our characteristically "gringo" accent.

The bottom line is this...

To speak Spanish fluently, you have to master the sounds of the language so you will be understood by native speakers.

In this course, we teach you *exactly* how to correct common pronunciation mistakes and learn the correct way to form Spanish sounds.

The Spanish Pronunciation Mastery Course will teach you:

  • How to Properly Pronounce EVERY SINGLE Sound in Spanish

    We give you detailed explanations of the proper pronunciation of Spanish consonants and how to avoid common mistakes non-native speakers make.  We also show you how to properly pronounce all Spanish vowels and vowel combinations (hint: vowels used together can drastically change pronunciation!)

  • How to Speak Spanish that FLOWS

    You’ll learn the right way to stress syllables in Spanish, even if there are no accent marks.  We’ll also show you how to link words and sounds so you learn to adjust your speech patterns to be closer to native Spanish speakers (this is also INSANELY helpful in improving your listening comprehension!)


  • Get Personalized Coaching to Fix Your Pronunciation Mistakes

    We give you one-on-one feedback via voice notes with specific tips on how to adjust your speech to sound more like a native Spanish speakers.  There are pronunciation drills in every module that allow you to record your voice, and you will receive personalized feedback via audio voice notes from our team of AMAZING Spanish language coaches.

  • Learn Regional Spanish Pronunciation Differences

    Spanish sounds a little (or a LOT) different depending on what country you’re in, or the nationality of the person you are speaking to.  We’ll give you an overview of pronunciation differences by country and region so you won’t be caught off guard when you hear an unfamiliar accent.

Want the details? Here's what you'll learn AND practice in each module to perfect your pronunciation...

Module 1 includes the following topics:

🔊 The Alphabet (El Alfabeto)

🔊 Vowels (Las Vocales)

🔊 Stressed Syllables (Sílabas Acentuadas)

🔊 Linking Words and Sounds in Spoken Spanish

Module 2 includes the following topics:

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters Ñ and Q

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters  V and B

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters L, LL, and Y

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters S and Z

Module 3 includes the following topics:

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letter C and the CH Sound

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters D, T, and P

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters R and RR

🔊 How to Pronounce the Letters H, J, G and Ü

Module 4 includes the following topics:

🔊 How to Pronounce the Vowel Combinations AI, OI, & AU

🔊 How to Pronounce the Vowel Combinations EU, IA, IE, & IO

🔊 How to Pronounce the Vowel Combinations IU, UA, UE, & UO

🔊 How to Recognize Regional Differences in Spoken Spanish

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